March 19, 2013

Glendale, Ca. – For followers of Bauhaus lead singer Peter Murphy, this may be bad news as the solo singer was jailed last Saturday with a bond of a $500,000 bond after a traffic accident.

English rock singer, Peter Murphy, age 55, was a lead singer of the rock group Bauhaus and later became a soloist known for his operatic voice, and his preference for melancholy poetics.

According to the press, the vocalist was operating his Subaru Forester when he struck a Mercedes at 11:48 o’clock Saturday morning and after the crush fled from the scene. The injured driver of the Mercedes was able to take down the license plate of the Subaru; while somebody tool picture of the vehicle. Another bold motorist followed the car and blocked his path until the police arrived. A search inside the vehicle resulted in finding a bag containing suspected methamphetamine. The discovery of drugs is taken as another charge.

Murphy’s career is active as he led the English Goth band Bauhaus which made popular the song Bela Lugosi Dead. He then formed another band, the Dalis Car, and is slated to play at the Detroit’s Magic Stick on May 13.

Murphy, who resides in Turkey, informed the police that he was still under a jetlag during the crash occurred and was not drunk since he is taking an anti-depression medication. He also denied owning the bag of drugs. He was jailed as of Monday and the reason for his high bond was due to his being a flight risk.

Peter Murphy, who is a Bauhaus front singer, was arrested last Saturday in Glendale after he was suspected of fleeing the scene of a car accident while DUI.. One eyewitness who was driving his pickup truck stated that he actually saw the rock band vocalist struck the rear of a Mercedes at about 11:48 o’clock in the morning along the intersection of Central and Goode avenues. After the mishap, he was seen fleeing from the scene riding his Subaru Forest.

The female driver of the Mercedes was injured from the crash but still managed to write down the number of Murphy’s license plate number before he was out of the scene. Another witness managed to take a photo of Murphy’s car after the accident, which was damaged at the front-end.

The truck driver said that he saw the alleged hit-and-run Subaru drove around the Mercedes, then fled towards Freeway 134.. The witness decided to pursue the errant vehicle from the crash site all the way to Block 3400 of LA’s Barham Boulevard. The pursuer pulled in front of the Subaru, blocking the car from running further and waited for the police.

Glendale police said the witness opted to pursue Murphy because he wanted reckless drivers to stop from killing more on the road. Murphy told the police that he was not consuming alcohol that day, but had taken a prescription medicine for depression. Since he just arrived from a long flight, he felt jet-lagged. Murphy admitted having crashed in another car but he appeared to be confused and unsure of the day and time.

Officers found a plastic bag containing meth inside the patrol car where Murphy was placed; the police believed that he was trying to find a way to discard the bag. Meanwhile Murphy denied owning such bag.

The British singer is a resident in Turkey. He was issued the following charges: cause of injuries while driving; driving DUI or DWI; felony due to hit & run and possession of prohibited drugsHe was detained instead of a $500,000 bail. He will be spending a day in court on Tuesday.

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