March 07, 2013

A fiery scene kept rescue workers busy at about 8:45 o’clock in the morning of Thursday at the scene of an accident involving a tractor trailer and a Dodge pickup in the westbound lane of I-80. When a Dodge pickup and a tractor trailer collided, it burst into flame that smoke could be seen for miles. The mishap occurred less than a mile at the east part of Phillips interchange.

The morning wreck killed a man from California and left one eye-witness shocked. Trever Bury from Omaha was able to witness the crash between the two vehicles. According to truck driver, Bury, he was traveling east that Thursday morning with pickup running just ahead of him. There appeared another semi between his truck and the pickup.

For unknown reasons, the pickup suddenly veered towards right lane of east going traffic. It ran over the median towards the westbound lanes of I-80. It just sped-off without any kind of control. Maybe the problem was the condition of the driver or a malfunction of the truck’s engine. The pickup driver made to attempt to stop until it crushed heads on with a westbound semi.

Bury saw that the pickup running before him crushed heads-on with the westbound semi; the pickup truck just integrated and a loud explosion followed. Bury just drove by as the traffic was smoothly flowing towards the east but he saw black smoke emanating from the crash area. Other trucks going westward stopped as drivers ran towards the burning vehicles while others started calling 911.

Bury said that the crash shook him to the core and he wanted to call this family to tell them that he was fine.

State Patrol from Nebraska identified the pickup as a gray 2003 Dodge. As it was heading east along I-80, it lost control and swerved across the median and crashed heads-on with a westbound semi-tractor trailer. As the vehicles stopped in the north ditch, it exploded and started a blaze.

According to the authorities, the driver of the pickup driver died on the scene. Although, the police had his Id, they are not releasing his name until nearest kin is notified. Investigator saw that he was driving alone any they are still finding out what caused the truck to veer towards the median.

The driver of the tractor trailer was identified as Joseph W. Donlan, age 39 and resident of Wildwood, Ga. He sustained minor injuries and was tdelivered to the Aurora Memorial Hospital in Aurora. P0lice reported that he was released from the hospital on Thursday. Police identified the semi as a 2010 International.

Traffic was delayed as the lanes going westbound were closed for about one and a half hours. Personnel from the State Patrol were on the scene making preliminary investigation for about two hours as emergency crew cleared the area.

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