A collision between a car and a minivan resulted to four fatalities in California. Police reported that two children were among the four victims killed when a car collided with a minivan on a rural Northern California highway. Two young lives were wasted when two children were among the four people killed when a car collided with a minivan Northern California.

According to California Highway Patrol spokesman Officer John Frizzell, five other people were injured in the crash when a Toyota Prius crossed over the center line on Highway 50 near Placerville around 6:05 p.m. on Nov. 24. The car crashed with a minivan with such impact that death was inevitable.

Three of the four people in the Prius were identified as a 39-year-old male driver, an adult female and a child who were killed. The other child in the car sustained only moderate injuries. Out of the five people in the minivan, one 4-year-old girl was killed.

The other five in the minivan were identified a a 35-year-old female driver, a 51-year-old man and two 1-year-olds who suffered minor injuries. The names of those in the crash have yet to be released, pending upon investigation and for weather conditions to be cleared.

Frizzell told the press last Sunday that Police do not know what caused the Prius to cross into oncoming traffic. This was the question they would like to be answered; although he recounted several other possibilities.

Police will be analyzing the computers from both vehicles that would have recorded their speed at the time of the crash but, according to Frizzell, it would probably take days collecting the inf9ormation.

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