According to the California Highway Patrol, a Semi-Truck pinned a Car underneath its Chassis just in between the State Routes 79 and 76 resulting in the death of one.  The fatal accident happened just in the northern part of Santa Ysabel around One twenty in the Afternoon of Friday.  It happened when a gold sedan went to the side to let the semi-truck pass.  The Semi-Truck hit the Sedan head-on, and because of the speed of the truck, it pinned the car beneath it, according to the investigators from CHP.

A county chaplain raced to the area to assist since the Truck Driver was panicking since he cannot accept that he is involved in an accident with a fatality.  The driver of the truck is a male adult and he was not injured at all, but he is in a state of shock of trauma because of what happened.  The Police came to the scene almost immediately; they sealed the place, and started the investigation.  The Medical Team also arrived in the scene to take care of the surviving Truck Driver and to check the Driver of the Car that is pinned underneath the Semi-Truck.

The highways SR-76 and SR-76 has been closed for some time.  This is to allow the rescue team to remove the body of the Driver of the Sedan from the vehicle itself.  The Medical Examiner in the scene identified the victim as Justin Michael Cook who is a resident of Escondido.  The investigators said that Justin Michael Cook was driving the eastbound stretch of SR-76 and stopped at the intersection near the SR-76.  Then the driver of the Sedan tried to turn on the northbound side of SR-79 when his Sedan and the Semi-Truck collided with each other.

His cause of death was due to severe trauma all over his body, and he was pronounced dead at the very scene of the accident.

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Source: NBC News San Diego