POMPANO BEACH, Fla. –Interstate 95 northbound had to be closed for hours on Friday after a police chase, crash and shooting which ended the life of the suspect and injured a police officer.
The series of events started when the police responded to an attempted robbery at a Chase Branch on 2200 block of North Federal Highway. The suspect turned out to be a serial bank robber who previously robbed Chase Bank twice already.
The suspect went inside the bank wearing a ski-mask and pointed a gun in the head of a customer and was demanding for cash. He did not continue the robbery once he realized that the bank had installed bulletproof glass for protection of the tellers and that he could not jump over the counter. He left the bank with his gray get-away pickup truck. A bank employee and a citizen were able to take note of the truck’s license tag.

A police officer saw the gray pickup truck while it was travelling on Interstate 95. The officer tried to pull the truck over but the suspect crashed with the patrol car and both vehicles went off the road.
The suspect attempted to flee the scene whilst carrying a gun in his hand but was fatally shot. Broward Sheriff Al Lambert did not release identification of the suspect but revealed that the suspect was a serial bank robber with criminal history dating back to 1977 and had served three years in federal prison for bank robbery.

The police officer who pursued the suspect was identified to be 48-year-old German Bickbau from Pompano Beach substation. He sustained injuries during the pursuit. The 12-year veteran with BSO was airlifted to the hospital. He had complained of experiencing pain on his neck and stomach but is currently in stable condition.

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