FERGUSON, MO – The police were led into a car chase covering two jurisdictions by a teen that was armed with a gun.

According to the police, an officer saw a 19-year-old driver run a red light at New Halls Ferry Road in Ferguson, Missouri.

Captain Rick Henke said that the teen driver obeyed the officer when he was asked to pull over. As the officer went towards the vehicle, he saw the gun of the teen. The teen, who had no previous criminal offenses, pointed the gun at the officer and fled. Two friends were inside the car with him. His terrified friends kept yelling for him to stop but the driver continued to run off.

The chase ended when the driver crashed into the front steps of New Northside Missionary Baptist Church at around 1:30 morning of Thursday. The concrete steps of the church had been completely damaged and Deacon Bobby Tab said that the repair of the damages would amount to $5,000.

Captain Henke added that a Taser could put an end to the armed suspect.

The people involved in the chase were locked up in the car as police looked for any warrants.

Deacon Tab said that elderly people really needs the banister but they have no choice but have someone assist them as they go up to the area.

But despite the incident and the potential expenses they will have, the church welcomes the suspect with open arms adding that they know that youngsters get into problems now and they are trying to help them out.

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 Three Arrested After One Points Gun at Police