DALLAS – According to a report of a DART official, a DART train and a sports car collided near the end of rush hour at the St. Paul station in downtown Dallas. It was busy time in that area but the good news was that no one was seriously injured.

The collision between the DART train and the sports car severely crumpled the hood of the car due to the strong impact.

Due to the mishap, traffic was disrupted and rail services were delayed for about 45 minutes as the St. Paul station is serving four lines.

Pending an investigation, no word on what caused the accident.

Meanwhile, last week on a Tuesday afternoon, three people, including two Dallas police officers, were injured in a crash which took place on Interstate 35E in Dallas.

According to police report, at about 12:15 o’clock, two officers, a veteran and trainee were involved in a wreck with a red Toyota Camry just along the northbound lanes of I-35.

The police stated that the female driver of the sedan suddenly swerved her car to avoid hitting a vehicle that suddenly braked. It struck one motorcycle and forcing it to crash into the other.

The two officers, identified as Wayne Nichols and Michael Keating were immediately delivered to the Methodist Central Hospital and Baylor Hospital, respectively. Police said that they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said that the unidentified Camry operator was also transported to a local hospital sustaining minor injuries.

Due to the incident, both directions of I-35 were shut down, creating traffic jams that spanned miles of the freeway.

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