On the morning of September 22, 2011, a car crash took place at State Highway 71 which resulted in the death of one of the motorists. As a consequence, it also caused a traffic jam for almost seven hours.  The accident came about because Erica Nash-Wood, who was behind the wheel of the Honda, was intoxicated.  Her black four door vehicle smashed into a delivery truck where and her male passenger died at the scene.  As a result, Nash-Wood was arrested right after the wreck.

Upon further police investigation, it was found that the Nash-Wood’s car was actually heading the wrong way on the state highway.  Her car collided with a pizza delivery truck at the exit of Lamar Boulevard.  Police also said that alcohol was the key factor in the accident – which affected the westbound lanes of the state highway. Upon looking deeper into the facts of the accident, she might have been driving on the wrong lane for the stretch of two miles.  She entered the highway near the Toys ‘R’ Us store where she kept driving until she collided with the truck

When the car smashed onto the delivery truck, her passenger was ejected from it and he died at the scene – an indication the he have not been wearing his seatbelt to be thrown out of the vehicle like that.  As for Nash-Wood, the firefighters had to make use of the Jaws of Life tool to get her out of the crumpled wreckage.  The driver of the pizza delivery truck also suffered some injuries but they were deemed non-life threatening.

After the incident, the road was closed and commuters have to undergo long hours of traffic ordeal.  Police directed traffic headed west on the state highway or Ben White Boulevard to the exit at Manchaca Road. The accident occurred at around 4 in the morning – and State Highway 71 also referred to as Ben White Boulevard was not reopened till about 11:00 am.

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