Three cars have crashed into each other in Poway last Wednesday Afternoon.  Four People were immediately rushed into a nearby hospital and two of them are heavily injured.  The accident occurred on Twin Peaks Road which is between Community and Silverset Roads, it happened around 2:30 P.M., said by the San Diego Fire Department.

A 17 year old Male was driving a green Ford Escort and was traveling westbound on the Twin Peaks Road.  The Ford Escort was also carrying three people ages fifteen to seventeen years old.  For some reasons, the Ford Escort’s Driver went to the other side of the Road and hit the Toyota Prius head on.  The Toyota Prius is being driven by a male adult.  Then the Ford Escort slid into the Ford F-150 Pickup Truck by a female and her 12 year old sister.

The Deputies said that both the Ford Escort driver and his brother which are all seated in front of the Ford Escort, was critically injured and suffered severe Head Trauma.  They also said that one of the brothers was also suffering from Blood Clot Disorder which worsens the injury.  The brother was then transported into a nearby hospital named Scripps La Jolla Hospital by a Helicopter.  The other two teen passengers of the Escort, the drivers and the passenger of both Prius and F150 only suffered minor injuries but were still brought and treated into the hospitals Pomerado Hospital and Palomar Hospital, and were already released, deputies said.

A member of the Poway High School posted a message on her Facebook Account regarding the recent accident that involves one of their students.  She said; “The question once again is, “when will be catch a break?”.  Please keep our Titans in your thoughts and prayers: Unfortunately, another tragedy at PHS.  Four of our students were hurt today in a car crash.”

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Source: NBC News San Diego