March 4, 2013

Expectant parents Nathan and Raizy Glauber both 21 years old died in a livery cab at an intersection on their way to a hospital in New York City.

The midnight crash killed both parents Sunday but their baby survived after being rescued from her dead mother’s womb via Cesarean section but is in critical condition. The accident occurred when a BMW slammed into the cab’s at about 12:10 am.

The BMW’s occupants fled the scene and are being sought after by police. The cab’s driver, a Toyota Corolla was taken to a hospital and was later released.

“The only thing I can remember is when somebody was on the side of me, on the passenger side, telling me, ‘Don’t worry. Don’t worry. The ambulance is on the way,’” driver Pedro Nuñez Delacruz told CNN affiliate WABC. “I feel very lucky, you know, that I’m still alive.”

According to Sgt. Tom Antonetti, a police spokesman, the Glaubers were soon pronounced dead at two different hospitals. The C-Section was performed at Bellevue Hospital to rescue the baby.

According to reports the couple was on their way to the Long Island College Hospital “for a wellness check” when the crash occurred, this according to Officer Sophia Tassy-Mason, spokesman for the New York City Police Department.

Sarah Gluck, Raizy Glauber’s cousin says, “It was sudden,” she just wasn’t feeling well and they just, they went to check it out.”

According to Barrt Sekete another cousin, the couple had been married for less than a year.

“It’s terrible,” he told CNN affiliate New York 1. “They’re … not even married a year, and you know they’re going into the happiest times, to have a baby, and that’s what happens. Terrible.”

The news of the crash has been a shock to the Hasidic community.

Isaac Abraham, a community leader of the couple said that they were “preparing for the most joyous moment in life, to become parents, ready to build a castle to the future and build a family.”

According to him the community will be working to make sure the baby boy gets all the medical attention he needs. The child will be taken care of by family, friends and the community.

“The message to the driver: We know law enforcement is going to get to you,” Abraham to CNN affiliate WABC. “But our message is give yourself up before we find you.”

Investigators have spoken to the car’s registered owner on Sunday according to Tassy-Mason. She said the owner did not know whether the vehicle had been stolen or what the relationship was between the car’s owners and its occupants.

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