After an SUV crashed into a home in Pompano Beach, the driver of the vehicle took off on foot and left behind a 4-year-old girl in the front seat, according to authorities.
Footage from a chopper shows half of a 1998 Ford Explorer that went through a home at 333 SW 2nd St.
Broward Sheriff’s Office said that the driver, German Hueso, was driving under the influence with his common law wife’s 4-year-old daughter during the accident.
Spokesman of BSO, Mike Jachles, said that the driver left behind the 4-year-old while attempting to flee the scene.

A witness was able to follow Hueso while he attempted to flee. The witness alerted a nearby BSO deputy who took the suspect into custody.
Jachles said that 30-year-old Hueso was brought to Broward Health North for medical treatment and that he faces charges of DUI and child endangerment.
Hueso does not have a valid driver’s license, said the BSO. Monday night, Hueso is at Broward Count Mail Jail.

The child was not wearing any seatbelt during the accident and hit the front of the vehicle but luckily, the vehicle’s airbags worked. As a precaution, the 4-year-old girl was also brought to Broward Health North for treatment and observation.

Jachles added that there was no one inside the apartment when the accident happened.

The vehicle was later on pulled out from the house onto a tow truck.
Miguel Quevero, the owner of the house, was one of the people who chased down Hueso.

Edel Padilla, whose husband had called Quevero’s moments before the crash happened, said that the phone call might have just saved the life of Quevero.

BSO said that Quevero got up and went outside shortly before the crash happened.

Maria Diego, girlfriend of Quevero, expressed that they will not return back to the home.

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