DAVIE – At about 5:45 afternoon of Thursday, a fiery scene broke out as a car that fled from a traffic stop and crashed into a fuel pump at a Chevrolet gas station located at the corner of Griffin Road and State 7 caused a massive fire that resulted for two other vehicles to burst into flames.
Witnesses to the accident said that the driver, Carlos Puente, smashed into a fuel pump, setting his car and two others into fire in continuous explosions that occurred right after the impact.
The drivers of the cars, both Toyota, that were involved in the accident were able to quickly escape the fiery scene. They were on the other side of the fuel pump when Puente crashed fuel pump.
Puente had tried to flee the scene but was later caught by an officer who found him hiding in nearby bushes.

It was feared by the witnesses that the whole gas station would explode.

Charred cars, singed signs and burnt gas pumps were souvenirs left behind by the incidents. It was fortunate that the incident did not take any lives.

An officer had attempted to pull Puente over near Oakes Road and State Road 7 after noticing that the tag on Puente’s Mustang did not match that of the vehicle. However, instead of pulling over, Puente made a u-turn and sped away, drove into the gas station for a short cut and that was when the accident had started.

Davie Police Sgt. Christopher Chastain said that the accident could have been prevented if Puente had pulled over.

Charges of driving on a suspended license and a having a tag not assigned to the vehicle is filed against Puente whilst other charges are still pending, according to Davie Police.

Puente is under probation, as records show, for a DUI crash involving serious injuries in 2009.

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