Early morning of Saturday, a car veered from the road and crashed into a home at 2000 Block – Black Horse Pike in N.J. Gloucester County, N. J. The crash occurred in Black Horse Pike’s 2000 block.

Police reported that the car was running at top rate speed along the southbound lanes when the driver lost control and sideswipe a house.

Authorities said that the car crashed straight into a Gloucester County home which required the emergency crew to extricate three people from the wreckage of the car.  The police are still investigating the condition of the driver and the reason of the accident. Up to this time, the operator’s condition and the cause of the accident are under investigation.

The accident occurred at 5:50 o’clock that morning of Saturday on Block 2000 of Monroe Township -South Black Horse Pike.

The vehicle was traveling in such high rate of speed that it crashed into house and left three persons trapped inside the vehicle. Firefighter had to free the three victims out of the car. Two of the victims had to be airlifted to University Hospital of Cooper. The identities of the victims and their condition in the hospital were not given out to the media.

As investigation was being conducted; a building inspector was called to check the structure of the damaged house. It appeared that there was no one at home when the crash happened.

Police said that the driver lost control of managing his car so it crashed into the yard and partly into the house and immediately started a fire.

The mishap happened on the South Black Horse Pike 2000 block of in Williamstown- Gloucester County.  Two victims were rushed to the hospital after the crash.

The car that crashed partly into the yard and partly inside the house started  a fire.

Two vict9ms were airlifted into the hospital. No added information is known about the accident.

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