A tragic singular car crash on early Wednesday morning took the life of 28-year-old Enrique Linares when his car crashed into a nursing home.

Just five days after filing a divorce, Linares went out for the night to visit his friend on his red Honda. Shortly before 2 in the morning, he drove down West Dixie Highway at a speed of 85 mph, more than twice the limit, and took a curve. His vehicle went through a fence before crashing into a nursing home in North Miami between the 1st and 2nd floors.

His friend, who lives nearby, went to the scene after hearing the police sirens and when he saw a red Honda sticking out of the building, he knew.

Linares perished in the crash. His wife, 25-year-old Carolina, broke down after seeing the vehicle. She said that she always loved him no matter what happened between them.

Detective Armando Sotero said that there were no drugs or alcohol found inside the vehicle but Linares had had history and records of speeding tickets and other traffic violations in Florida.
Results for the blood tests to determine whether Linares is intoxicated are still being awaited by the investigators.

The crash left a gaping hole in the nursing home. The car crashed into a small bathroom inbetween two rooms and debris flew in the following rooms. Luckily, no one was seriously harmed in the crash.
Four resident of the nursing home sustained minor injuries and were brought to Aventura Hospital. 25 other residents were transferred to the north wing.

The vehicle was pulled out using a 70-ton rotating to truck. Once the car was on the ground, the police extricated the body.
There were not that many accidents in that intersection that Detective Sotero had seen but coming from the north direction to south, the West Dixie Highway curve is a bit of a sharp turn and could pose a difficult trick when going at a high speed.

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