OAKLAND PARK – A couple in Oakland Park who were on their way to their breakfast crashed their vehicle inside of a restaurant on Tuesday early morning.

Video footage from Chopper 4 shows a silver Toyota being pulled out from the Best Tropical Restaurant that is located at North Andrews Avenue and NOW 38th Street.

The driver of the silver Toyota had accidentally backed into the restaurant, said the Oakland Park Fire Rescue officials. The vehicle went through the glass, smashing it on the process, and the car found itself in the middle of the restaurant’s dining place.

The owners of the restaurant had said that if the accident had happened 30 minutes later, the results would completely be different—it could have been fatal.

Restaurant owner Solange Saientil said that she heard a noise and went over to check and found the car resting in the dining area.
She was inside the kitchen cooking and getting ready for the day when the accident had taken place.

She and her husband, Moises Saientil, said that it was a miracle that nobody got hurt. If it had occurred half an hour later, the room would be full of dining customers and the crash would have been tragic.

The couple inside the car, who were in their late 40’s or 50’s and were regular customers of the restaurant, sustained minor injuries and brought to the hospital for treatment and as a precaution.
The car was towed out of the building by crews and the crash left behind debris where Saientil is left to deal with the insurance company.

The owners are palnning to serve meals to go until repairs are completed.

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