ORLANDO, Fla. —A 94-year old man had lost control of his car on Parramore Avenue and Anderson Street on a Thursday morning. He crashed into a tree and struck to people who were loitering outside of the corner store, according to Orlando police.

The vehicle had gone over the curb near Anderson Street, police say. The police questioned the suspect after the crash but was later on allowed to drive away, witnesses say.

Witnesses were incredulous over the fact that the police had allowed the man to drive away.

Steve Lutfi, a witness, said that he was surprised and thought it was unbelievable because the driver had hit two people and almost killed them. The driver could have even hit more.

The driver of the car told the police that the sun had blinded him that’s why his car ended on the sidewalk and crashing into a tree, according to the witnesses.

The driver, Alvin Ehrlich from Orlando, said that he lost control of his gold Lincoln Town Car, went over the curb and struck James “Sip” Siplin and another 64-year old man Willie Alford. Both were brought to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Siplin was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon. He said that he was just standing on the corner, drinking coffee and talking with his friends on his way to work like he always do for the past years when that day, his routine and arm were broken because of being hit by a lost control car.

James Siplin said that he was just standing in the corner and talking to a young lady and the next thing he knew, he was on the ground.

WFTV was refused by Orlando police of any statement with regards to the incident. They also refused to tell why the driver was let go or whether they issued a ticket to Ehrlich. No charges were filed by the police officers to Ehrlich.

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