A woman from Iowa who was spending weekend at Kansas City, Missouri will never ever forget her almost life and death experience on the highway.

Lauri Ulbestad was on her way back to Ames when all of a sudden, her car started to accelerate fast and faster, even reaching up to 120 miles per hour without her stepping on the accelerator.

Even scarier was that her brakes did not work. Ulbestad dialed 9-1-1 and state troopers were dispatched and followed her terrifying journey.

Ulbestad knew she had to avoid disasters so she drove through construction zones but still had not managed to stop her engine.

She later managed to abruptly stop her engine when, as she passed Osceola, peeple said to her to try lifting up the accelerator and stepping on the break.

The car finally slowed down and she was able to jump out of the vehicle.

State troopers managed to follow and detach the battery of the deranged vehicle.

Ulbestad is glad and thankful that she is safe and alive.

If all drivers need to be careful, a school bus driver must be doubly careful as the lives and safety of school children are on his hands.

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 Woman Survives Runaway Car Incident