They say that Philadelphia is a city ideal for walking but there are two reasons why you should have a car; taking a trip & you start driving from here and planning a visit to a surrounding area that cannot be reached by public transit.

If you own a car, there will always be the issue of parking. With this predicament, you have three options:

(1) You can park at the hotel; it’s the safest and most convenient as you can out and park your car anytime but the most expensive as payment is made daily.

(2) You can park in a public garage or parking lot. Philadelphia maintains two types of parking facility operators – a) the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) and private operators. PPA garages are the least expensive. b) Private operators are sometimes expensive but they sometimes grant concessions. For example, evening and weekend rate are lower. Some are valet parked while some are self-service. Valet-parked is slower as retrieving your car requires much time.

Generally, parking rates in garage is quite costly as when you are there from three to four hours, the fee is equivalent to one day; short term parking in lots or garages is not quite expensive.

You can search for private city garage in the internet as it is easy for your to browse their location and charges.

(3) You can park on the street which is one of the most dangerous sports of the city. The PPA is considered the most efficient governmental department as a little over 2 minutes your allotted time, you will immediately get a ticket. The regulation signs for parking are also quite confusing as parking signs are in varied colors: it could red on white or green on white. The green ones points when and where you can park. The red ones determined when and where you cannot park. However, several signs are part red and part green.

Most parking spots have a time limit, some with meter while others don’t. If the sign is for 2 hour parking, after 2 hours, you move your car to another spot for another 2 hours and so on. This procedure requires you to have lots of quarters for the change of location.

Nowadays, many streets have an electronic ticketing system installed rather than meters. You just find the ticket dispensing kiosk and pay money for the time indicated on the machine and then place the printed ticket side-up on your dash. If the devise is out of order, use another machine nearby. The devices are accepting both cash and credit cards so change is not a problem.

In a 2- hour zone, you purchase up to two hours of  parking in Philadelphia but you cannot buy more parking time than what is allowed. You cannot feed the meters or tickets for overtime but you will get a ticket for overtime parking. Parking during rush hours is more limited.

Red signs announce that there will be no stopping at 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM or similar at similar hours.

Street parking is not advisable for out-of-towners, but if you feel it is not a problem for you; then do it but just remember- you have received a warning.

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Source: Trip Advisor Com