Doney Park, Ariz. — A fatal car-pedestrian collision ended the life of a two-year-old girl; the case is now the object of Coconino County Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives’ investigation.

It crash occurred along the Pioneer Valley Rd that is located at the subdivision of Doney Park east of Flagstaff.

At around 4:41 o’clock in afternoon of Monday, July 8, deputies answered a call of a car-pedestrian collision which resulted to the injury of a two -year-old female victim described as critically serious.

Initial responders to the scene found the child unconscious in the roadway, showing physical signs of severe head trauma. A retired Summit Fire Department firefighter with prior medical training was kneeling over the child and stabilizing her head and neck.

The deputy started chest compressions to determine if the child still had a pulse but he heard that her breathing was greatly labored. Upon the arrival of the medical crew from the Guardian Medical Transport and Summit Fire Department, they took over the medical care of the victim.

The unconscious child was delivered to the Medical Center of Flagstaff by the ground ambulance of Guardian.

Authorities interviewed the 59-year-old driver of the vehicle and deputies determined that she was going north along the road of Pioneer Valley at a speed of about 25 MPH. When she looked to the western part of Pioneer Valley Rd., she saw groups of children playing in a residential yard near to the road.

According to the driver, she slowed to about 20 MPH. Deputies believed that the child was playing in a yard on the east side of the road when she ran across the street and was hit by the front, passenger side of the car.

The child admitted at the Medical Center of Flagstaff but died later that evening. At this point, the police are continuing their investigation to determine charges.

On Monday, a fatal pedestrian-car accident claimed the life of girl who was only two years old.

It happened at 4:41 o’clock in the afternoon at the Pioneer Valley Rd., which is located in the Doney Park subdivision to the east of Flagstaff.

Coconino County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the site and found a two-year-old girl unconscious with clear physical signs of trauma. A retired firefighter of the Summit Fire Department firefighter was trying to stabilize the girl’s neck and head while waiting for the emergency crew.

When the first deputy arrived on the scene, he quickly started chest compressions until medical staff from the Guardian Medical Transport and Summit Fire Department arrived to take over the medical care.

Guardian ambulance delivered the child to the Medical Center of Flagstaff where she was later pronounced dead.

Until this time, police are investigating to press charges.

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Source: AZ Family Com