DALLAS – Thursday afternoon witnessed a collision involving a train and a sedan, at least the DART green line is back to normal.

The accident occurred just south of the MLK station, on Pennsylvania Avenue where it crosses the tracks.

According to witnesses, a man in operating a maroon Chevy and appeared to be driving erratically prior to coming towards the crossing arms and into the path of the oncoming train.
The car was severely damaged.

The police are still making their investigation. They did not release the identity of th driver, as well as his present condition. However, no one on the train appeared to be hurt.

Weeks ago, a Dallas pedestrian was critically injured as he crossed a downtown street late Wednesday. He was hit by a driver who initially stopped but then ran over the victim and fled from the scene.

The victim was identified as Christopher Davis, age 22. He was immediately transported to the  ICU at Baylor University Medical Center and according to a police report is listed in stable condition.

A witness related to the police that shortly after 10 o’clock in the evening, Davis was crossing Main at Cesar Chavez Boulevard when he was hit by a maroon Lincoln sport utility vehicle with a buyer’s tag.

Witness confirmed that the Lincoln’s driver had a green light and Davis raised both of his hands before being crashed to the pavement.

According to the police report,  the SUV stopped for a while before taking off and partially running over the victim.

Davis transported to the Baylor Medical center and treated for bleeding in the brain, the report stated.

Police are making this investigation and so far no arrests have been reported as no description of the driver was available.

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