May 29, 2013

A 24 year-old male driving a Mercury Grand Marquis was killed in a car crash in northwest Dallas, Dallas Fire Rescue officials said.

The front end of the car was split during the collision while the rest remains against a tree in the median. Police said that the crash occurred 0200 block of Marsh Lane around 7 p.m. Fire Rescue officials were seen trying to cut the driver out of the car.

Witness Mario Chavez said that he was in his car next to the Mercury Grand Marquis at a red light. They were both headed to Marsh Lane near Walnut Hill. When the light turned green, the Mercury accelerated quickly out of the intersection.

Speed limit in the area is 35 mph. The Marquis was traveling much faster according to Chavez. He lost sight of the car soon after that. The next time he spotted the vehicle, was beyond a hill near Merrell Drive. At this time, it was clear that the driver had lost control of his car, had spun in circles before slamming into a tree.

Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office identified the man as Raul Alejandro Ortiz-Rios, 24 years old.

Southbound Marsh Lane was closed off during the accident.

Police are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the fatal car crash.

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