New Castle – A man was arrested on Saturday morning after a carjacking incident outside a deli in Wawa, Police say.

The suspect, 24-year-old Todd Colvard, was arrested by New Castle Police with various charges originating from a car crash incident.
Authorities say that the girlfriend of Colvard had been involved in a minor vehicular accident around 8 in the morning at Fairfax Boulevard, Wilmington. Colvard responded to the area shortly and confronted the other driver. After both parties exchanged information, the other driver exited the scene.

However, Colvard trailed the female driver to a deli in WaWa and waited for her. As the female driver, along with a friend, exited the deli and attempted to get into her car, Colvard jumped out of his vehicle and attempted to block her way. The attempt was unsuccessful as the female driver swerved around Colvard. The female driver then attempted to drive towards WaWa’s exit but Colvard ran and was able to catch up with them. Colvard jumped inside the backseat of the woman’s vehicle. The woman’s friend then jumped out of the vehicle and contacted the police.

Colvard gave the woman a second round of yelling before exiting the vehicle. As the woman tried to drive away, Colvard then again ran towards the vehicle, broke the driver’s side window and snatched the woman’s car keys whilst the car still being in drive.

Shortly after the incident, the Delaware State Troopers arrived at the scene and seized Colvard. He was found to be in possession of various drugs such as 5 bags of heroin, more than 2 grams of cocaine, 86 morphine pills, 31 opana pills, and 5 oxycodone pills.

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