ORLANDO, Fla. —A high-performance Camaro was carjacked by three men at gunpoint in a double Tree Hotel parking lot near Universal Studios. The car was driven for five miles before crashing into the home of an 80 year old woman at Henton Lane and Lenox Boulevard, according to the police.

The three suspects were able to escape and remain at large.

Sharon Black, the daughter of the homeowner, said that her mother and cousins were asleep and thought that someone broke into their home.

The stolen car was spotted by the police at Conroy Road and Vineland Road.

State Trooper Steven Montiero of Florida Highway Patrol said that Camaro’s run fast. The lights of the car were blacked out and an officer chased it. The car sped up and wasn’t able to negotiate a curve and that’s when it crashed through the house.

The chase followed the police policy because the suspects were carrying a gun, according to the officials.

Montiero added that one officer had laid down stop sticks but he wasn’t sure if it made an impact since the car was speeding at high rate.

Black said that she was glad no one got hurt in the accident.

When the suspects crashed the house, they immediately took off, said the police.

Several evidences were recovered in the crash scene when the suspects had dropped as they took off.

Lt. Barb Jones of the Orlando Police Department said that they think that the evidence collected was linked to the carjacking and the suspects. He added that violent people with guns who rob other people are dangerous because they only think about themselves. They hope that they will be eventually put behind bars.

Police say that they don’t have solid descriptions of the suspects.

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