Another truck accident happened in Hollywood which involved only one vehicle and no injuries, only spilled foodstuff.

The scene of the accidents was in 7600 Willow Glen Rd Hollywood Hills in the Mount Olympus area. According to Ben Matias, a LAPD West Traffic Officer, a catering truck was negotiating a left turn from Devista Drive toward Will Glen Rd. As it was running at an unsafe speed, it failed to stop at a stop sign so it overturned and spill all its goodies.

The driver, Ziggy Gomez and passenger Maria Padilla were not injured when the truck tipped. Police said that aside from speed, the poor condition of tires was also another reason for its dysfunction.

The police is making their investigation as they do not wish for another accident of this kind to happen again.

Through the years, trucking companies have initiated more safety measures; although statistics show an alarming increase in the number of truck crashes. Based on the report released by the Administration of Federal Motor Carrier Safety about one out of 20 drivers will be involved in an accident. The study showed 141,000 truck crashes are occurring each year and around 77,000 of these was the direct fault of the truck driver.

Top 10 causes of truck accidents are: driving DUI & use of prescription drugs; traveling at top speed & unfamiliarity of terrain; taking OTC drugs for medical purposes; Inadequate attention of surroundings & fatigue; illegal maneuver as running the red light; distraction while driving as using the mobile, talking, listening to music; inadequate evasive action in handling traffic situations and aggressive driving behavior & not observing road courtesy.

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