A chain-reaction crash happened in Hollywood between three vehicles: a BMW sedan, a dump truck, and a Metro bus that led to the injury of 17 people, including the operator of the car and her daughter of 10 years, authorities reported.

LA Fire Department officials stated that at about 8:00 o’clock morning of Tuesday, an empty dump truck less driver rolled down a hill and slammed a bus traveling west along 7600 block of Hollywood Boulevard. The crash propelled the bus towards the eastbound lane, where it collided head-on with the BMW.

The victims include woman driver of the BMW, who was trapped inside the car with her daughter for more than 20 minutes. They were extricated by the emergency crew and delivered to an area hospital for treatment.

MTA authorities said that all the 14 injured victims from the bus, as well as the driver, were transported to local hospitals. Police are continuing their investigation of the crash.

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Source: LA Times Blog