Montebello California -.A chain-reaction freeway crash in Southern Cal resulted into the death of a driver who ended up sandwiched between two big tractor-trailers.
California Highway Patrol reported that the west lanes of the State 60 Route along the Montebello area were closed at approximately 3:00 o’clock in the morning of Thursday. It remained shut until morning causing complaints from motorists as traffic was backed up for miles.

The initial reports of the CHO indicated that a tractor-trailer was traveling westbound along State Route 60 in Cal when it was rear-ended by a car. Unfortunately, another semi truck jackknifed as it tried to avert the crash and as a result the car was sandwiched between the two big trucks. This caused multiple vehicles to be involved causing a chain reaction of the other motor vehicles.

Authorities reported that the mishap started when car hit the rear of a tractor trailer; the car was then hit by another jackknifing big-rig while it was slowing down to avoid the crash. Several vehicles were included in the tangled up mess.

The driver died on the scene as the car ended up between the big-rigs.

Due to the accident, CHP had to close the westbound lanes for some time while they were undertaking investigation for the deadly accident. Only one motorist whose car was sandwiched between the two trucks was died at the scene of the collision. There was no report about other casualties.

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