Police confirmed the report that Chef Jonathan Eismann was driving the Ford Explorer that struck a vehicle in the morning of Wednesday and when he tried to flee from the scene, he lost control of the Ford he was driving and hit Juan Carlos Ruiz, a 20-ryear old pedestrian, who died on the spot.

For a year and one- half, Eismann was a celebrated chef in Miami’s world of the palate, managing famous eateries as Pacific Times, Pizza Volante and Q. Then last April, he came into bad times as his restaurants had to be closed, he was facing lawsuits and his Venetian Islands home was foreclosed.

Today, Eismann has to face a bigger problem. As the 51-year-old gourmet chef was operating his Ford Explorer, he crashed with a Nissan Sentra at the corner of 72nd Avenue and NW Third Street. Eismann was trying to flee from the crash, lost control of the vehicle and fatally struck a pedestrian. The 29 year-old Juan Carlos died on the scene and Eismann with minor injuries was taken to a local hospital.

As of date, Eismann has not been filed charges although the case is open, said Det. Alvaro Zabaleta. The Chef was facing multiple suits early this year but recent records showed that the cases filed by food suppliers against the Chef last April had been settled. He had also fixed the mortgage foreclosure made on his Venetian home.
The media tried the last number listed under his name but he had already his phones disconnected.

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