CHERRY HILL — A hit-and-run accident last week has the full attention of the Cherry Hill police as they are searching for the erring driver. According to the police, they have surmised that an older female drive is responsible for a hit and run accident that injured a jogger last week. Now this woman is the object of police manhunt.

According to the Police, at around 1:50 o’clock in the afternoon of Friday, the 41-year-old female jogger was in the area of Collins and Rye roads. She was running on the side of the road when she was hit by a vehicle. She was immediately transported to the local hospital and is currently hospitalized after suffering a concussion, multiple fractures and lacerations.

The driver of the offending vehicle did not stop but fled from the scene. Witnesses were able to note the description of the vehicle as a small to midsize older model car and either tan or gold in color. It appeared like a Chevrolet Malibu or Ford Taurus and was driven by an elderly white female between 70 and 75-years old with curly blonde hair.
Witnesses with additional information as to where the vehicle may be or who could identify the driver are asked to contact Cherry Hill Police’s Traffic Safety Unity at (856) 488-7820.

Over a month has elapsed since the police in Evesham pulled over a woman in Marlton and found that her vehicle had sustained heavy damage. Hair found on the car was tested and confirmed to be human hair.

However, in this case, the person who was hit was never found and the driver, an elderly man from Cherry Hill, didn’t remember hitting anyone.

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Source:  Courier Post Com