A child and an adult had been killed in a tragic car crash in Orlando. Six other victims of the car crash were sent to the hospital on Friday, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
The crash happened off of South Rio Grande Avenue and Grand Street in Orlando just shortly before 9 in the morning, said Florida Highway Patrol.

A station wagon had apparently lost control and swerved into the path of an oncoming Sports Utility Vehicle on a Friday morning, according to Florida Highway Patrol. The SUV smashed into the station wagon’s passenger’s side.

A witness of the accident who resides near the site of the accident, identified as Livingston, had helped the driver, an infant and a 7-year old get out of the red SUV.

She said she was still shaking and that the accident was that bad for her that she could not imagine how bad it was and how it was like for the victims involved.

Station wagon’s driver, 43-year old Gabriel Caillot, and one passenger, 11-year old Gaeton Valceus, had perished in the accident, said Florida Highway Patrol. There were also three other children in the backseat with ages ranging from 7, 10, and 12, were transported to a hospital nearby for medical attention.

Florida Highway Patrol said that the other involved vehicle, the red SUV, had its driver along with an infant and an 8-year old child brought to the hospital. Their present conditions were still not released to the public.

Witnesses had said to WFTV that both involved cars were travelling in a fast rate, however, the troopers did not confirm that allegations.

Livingston said that everyone in that road travels in a high speed that is why the accident happened so fast.

Investigation with regards to the accident is still ensuing.

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