LEXINGTON, Ky. This is an update of the Kentucky girl who was injured in a deadly school bus crash.

The police told the good news that according to the girl’s father, three-year-old Leigh Ann has been released from UK hospital and is now at a rehabilitation center in Louisville.

Her family said that Leigh Ann suffered brain trauma when the head start bus she was on ran off a road, and hit a tree in Carroll County last month.

In this accident, two of Leigh Ann’s classmates died in the crash, and six others were injured.

Annually in the United States, school buses are involved in more than 26,000 crashes, or about 145 each school day. Several recent crashes have made news right here in Kentuckiana. Parents are mulling over their child’s safety in these buses.

Nationwide, nearly 500,000 school buses carry more than 23 million students more than four billion miles each year, yet there are less than 20 average fatalities which means that a child is more than twice likely to be killed by a lightning strike than to die in a school bus crash.

In Kentucky, short buses, like the one in the recent Carroll County crash, do have seat belts, since they sit much lower to the ground and don’t have as much mass.

School buses make up about 18 %t of the state’s fleet and are used primarily to transport Smart Start, special needs and other students who live in places where regular buses don’t fit. The state requires monthly school bus inspections, extensive driver training and constant monitoring of the state’s 11,500 bus drivers’ driving records for such things as speeding tickets or DUIs.

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