January 31, 2013

Riverside – A worker from Caltran was so critically injured in a hit-and-run case that happened in Riverside at about two weeks ago. His family’ is now praying for a miracle that he will soon recover.

The victim was in identified as Jesse Silva, a 36 years-old traffic control supervisor who was hit by an alleged DUI last January while he was at work in Freeway 19.

Enrique Lopez, age 32, was the suspected driver who was arrested a few meters away from the scene.

The mother of Silva, Brenda Alcazar, said that his son who is the father of three girls has been unconscious since the accident.

She said that it is so hard being a mother and you see your son unresponsive to anything. You just wonder that it taking place inside him. Her only option is to pray that one day he will open his eyes/

Tina Phillips who is identified as the victim’s partner was very sad and crying when she spoke   about Silva is a great guy with a big heart who loves people and was also loved in return. He has always been generous and would go out of his way to help others.

Silva’s sister, Dolores, said, that her only wish is for her brother to recover. She wished she could do something for him now.

Last Tuesday, the family of Silva was at court when the Judge ruled that the case against Lopez will be continued next month. Alcazar said that they are disappointed of the delay.

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Sources: Los Angeles CBS Local Com