May 26, 2013

Conroe is not a safe place for motorists as shown by the growing number of car crashes. The woman fatality of a three-vehicle crash that injured six others was finally identified by authorities. Among the victims in Montgomery County crash that happened on Thursday were two children and two teens.

Authorities of the Department of Public Safety, stated that a 43-year-old female driver identified as Kathie Fleming of Conroe  was  operating her Ford 2006 Expedition and traveling north along  1485 FM  near Oak Grove. At around 5:50 o’clock in the afternoon, she attempted to change lanes but crashed into a tractor- trailer that was going south along 1485 FM.

After the crash, Fleming was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities reported that there was also a woman and four minors injured. The children’s age ranges 9, 12, 14 and 15. They were delivered to the hospital sustaining minor injuries. All were pronounced in stable condition and soon released from the hospital.

The 3rd vehicle involved was a Toyota pickup that was also part of the crash. The operator of the Toyota was a 53- year- old man who was also injured and transported to Kingwood Hospital where the doctors confirmed him in stable condition.

The authorities added no other details.

Saturday afternoon was a bad day for a Conroe resident identified as a 70-year-old woman who died after she was struck by a runaway car at a car wash.

Police confirmed that the mishap took place at around 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon at the Suds Car wash along block 400 at 105 State Highway.

Witnesses reported that the gear of the car slipped and driving itself through the car wash, it fatally hit the woman at the exit.

Conroe police are looking into another fatal crash involving another woman victim. The unlucky woman died after she lost control of her vehicle as she was driving along I-45 feeder road at League Line.

According to witnesses, the woman was driving her SUV in an erratic manner as she was swerving in and out of lanes until the car hit the curb. The impact made the car leave the road and crashed at the rear of  a store at the Outlet Mall of Conroe.

Pending investigation, authorities did not release the identity of the victim.

Another Conroe woman was charged with the death of her husband as she was alleged to have run over her spouse as he was trying to prevent her from backing out of their driveway that fateful night.

The accident happened around 7:00 o’clock in the evening at 1200 block of San Jacinto.

According to the Montgomery County record, the wife, identified as Ruthie Cook-Scheer, age 56 and a Conroe resident was arrested and held on a charge of manslaughter. The amount of the bond was $100,000.

She was accused of pinning her 66-year-old Frank Scheer husband under the car that Saturday night which caused his death. Conroe police believed the man was run down and killed as he tried to stop the vehicle she was driving.

Until last Sunday, the police were not able to provide immediate details of the investigation.

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