The incident took place at around 10:20 p.m. Tuesday, when an off-duty Beverly Hills cop drove his truck into a house in Simi Valley.

According to officials at the scene, the driver cop, Jeffrey Sweet, 42, also of Simi Valley was driving eastbound on the Royal Avenue just when he lost control of his truck, unable to make the steep turn at Blackstock Avenue.

In the process he crashed a home, then hit a pole before finally it turned over and came to a standstill after hitting the wall the second home.

But the good part was that nobody else was injured in this accident. The locals helped Jeffrey get out of his truck. He was then transported to the Simi Valley Hospital when he complained of pain.

However, due to the crash the gas service line to one of the houses was ripped apart. Fearing any leakage of fire hazard, two of the nearby homes were quickly evacuated. Also the emergency crews were called who managed in closing the gas line.

By the next day, power had been restored in the neighborhood area; the Royal Avenue was opened again for people by mid-day.

The responsible cop Jeffrey Sweet was arrested on Wednesday charged with driving under influence.

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