May 02, 2013

A New Jersey police officer is injured after a car chase ended in a multi-vehicle crash in Clifton early Thursday.

The crash involved two cruisers and a passenger vehicle driven by the suspect. The accident occurred at around 2:25 am at the intersection of Clifton and Colfax avenues.

Police say that the incident began when an officer noticed the suspect’s car weaving in and out of traffic on Clifton Avenue at around 2 am. He tried but failed to make the driver pull over. The officer called backup and the three car chase began when the suspect’s car slammed the backup cruiser.

The police officer reportedly suffered a head injury and emergency crews arrived in the debris-littered scene and removed the officer via stretcher. Other details of his condition are not known.

The suspect attempted to get out of his car after the crash but was caught by patrol officers. According to reports the officer injured his arm during a struggle with the suspect but was later treated at St. Joseph’s hospital. He was later released.

Donna Franko and her brother heard the thunderous crash and jumped out of bed to see twisted metal outside their apartment.

“That hour in the morning, you don’t want to hear that cause you never know what it is,” Franko said.

The suspect was arrested and faces several charges including assault for allegedly attacking the officer who chased him down on foot and arrested him. He was also hospitalized for injuries he sustained during the crash.

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