May 8, 2013

Atlanta City Councilwoman Cleta Winslow showed up at the Atlanta Municipal Court building Wednesday afternoon in regards to her DUI charge. However, Winslow did not appear to have an attorney with her and she did not enter a plea to the charges that she was driving drunk Tuesday night.

Attorney said that Winslow would issue a statement at a press conference planned for Thursday morning but unlikely that Winslow would answer or take questions regarding the DUI that resulted in her going to jail and having her mug shot taken.

Winslow did admit to having two dirty martinis at a bar on Elliot Street. An officer then stopped her in southwest Atlanta at around 11:15 pm on Tuesday. According to the officer who wrote the report, he saw a gray Honda Accord run a stop sign and a red light. The car, he said was weaving and traveling on the wrong side of the road, all signs of impairment.

“She seemed very distant/out of it and had a very slow reaction to his questions,” the report said. “She had glassy eyes and was squinting.”

The officer wrote that she could not figure out how to open the car door.

“She could not find the door handle to exit the car. In fact she was turning the car on and off in an attempt to exit the car,” he wrote.

“Ms. Winslow admitted to having a few drinks, but refused to do any field sobriety test,” the officer wrote.

“Ms. Winslow was having a hard time understanding what was going on,” according to the report.

Once Winslow was out of the car she swayed and needed assistance to stand. However she declined to take a field sobriety test which means that her license will be suspended for a year unless she can successfully appeal the administrative requirement or if she is acquitted.

According to the officer she refused to turn around so he had to handcuff her.

The councilwoman was handcuffed and put in the backseat of the patrol car. She was charged with DUI Alcohol Less Safe, driving on the wrong side of the road, failure to stop for stop sign, reckless driving and a red light violation.

She told the officer that she served on the City Council. She said she understood the officer and a supervisor called to the scene were doing their jobs.

Winslow is a member of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee. She has been released on a $3,355 bond according to a jail spokesperson after being booked into the Atlanta Pretrial Detention Center.

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