A multi-vehicular car crash at 295 North on a Saturday evening wherein 5 people were brought to the hospital turned into a criminal investigation. A pickup truck that was travelling on 295 South had intentionally hit a car at about 6:45 pm.  The impact sent the pickup truck rolling into the northbound lanes of 295 and struck another vehicle.

The suspect and driver of a 2009 white Nissan Titan, Cody James Hickerson,20, was travelling in the second lane Southbound on MD Route 295 in Baltimore city. Hickerson was not on his designated lane when he almost struck a 205 Subaru Outback in the first lane, according to the police.

The 2005 Subaru Outback driver, a 61-year-old man, honked to alert Hickerson that he was not on the right lane but Hickerson struck the Subaru in the passenger side in retaliation. Furthermore, Hickerson and his passenger, 22-year-old Dylan Louis Mangini, pulled off the road and began hitting the Subaru when it pulled behind the Nissan.

Luckily, two good Samaritans that were driving a Pontiac GTO, 22-year-old Joshua Edward Hurst and 19-year-old Steven Gilbert Foster, stopped over and told Hickerson and Mangini to stop hitting the vehicle. Hurst and Foster eventually drove off.  Meanwhile, the Subaru driver called the police for help.

Unfortunately, the driving conflict did not end there.

Hickerson and Mangini caught up with the Pontiac GTO and hit it in lane one. Hickerson then drove next to the Pontiac on lane two and intentionally drive the Nissan into the passenger side of the Pontiac. The Pontiac spun sideways off the road and Hickerson lost control of the Nissan.

His car left the road and into the grassy median where his truck rolled multiple times into northbound side of MD Route 295 where a blue Honda Civic, driven by 53-year-old Deborah Tate Latour, was heading straight on the rolling vehicle. Latour swerved onto the next lane but the truck hit her car, landing on the front end.

Hickerson was dislodged from his vehicle wherein several opened and unopened alcoholic drinks were found. Hickerson and Mangini sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries. They were brought to Baltimore Shock Trauma.

Hickerson is planned by the police to be charged of three counts of 1st and 2nd degree assault, three counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of malicious destruction of property, MDOP, and driving under the influence, DUI, with multiple traffic violations.

Mangini, on the other hand, will be charged with one count of 1st degree assault DUI and numerous traffic violations.

Three other victims with unspecified injuries were brought to local hospitals.

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