EVERETT – At least one person sustained injury this morning of Thursday after a crash happened in Lowell. A 51-year-old Everett woman was seriously injured Thursday morning when a head-on crash occurred in the Lowell neighborhood of Everett.
The woman was driving her vehicle along South Third Avenue when another vehicle crossed the median line and crashed into her vehicle.

The other driver was identified as an Everett man, 27 years-old, was apprehended by the police. He is expected to be booked into Snohomish County Jail for investigation of vehicular assault.

Across to Everett police officer Aaron Snell, the crash took place a little before 8 o’clock in the morning at the 4300 block of South Third Avenue, just south of 41st Street.
Aaron Snell of the Everett police confirmed that the scene of the mishap was at block 4300 of South Third Avenue which is near south of 41st Street. It happened early in the morning.
Based on police report, the other operator was going northbound when his car swerved across the median line the hit an on-coming vehicle. The man was northbound in a car that crossed the center line and struck the woman’s vehicle. The woman driver suffered minor injuries and was immediately transported to the local hospital. .

The man also sustained minor injuries. Both were taken to a local hospital.

Everett traffic-safety detectives were investigating the reason why the man’s vehicle crossed the center line; whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash, Snell said. They will be conducting a BAC test for the purpose.
Pending result of investigation, no names of both drivers were given out to the media and their current condition.
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