Is the job of a police officer dangerous compared with other professions? Records in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that police and sheriff’s patrol officers’ ranked number nine among the 15 most dangerous professions. This is based on the most number of fatalities for 2010. Aside from assault and violent acts, the professionals are also in the frontline of transportation incidents which accounted for 18.0 fatalities per 100 thousand and 133 fatalities for 2010. Dallas police officers are no exception to the risk involved in this profession.

Last Wednesday, an officer was pulled by a car as he endeavored to prevent a shoplifter from absconding with more than two dozen audio books from a book store.

During off-days, Officer Darrell Stevens of the Dallas Police does side-line job with a book store. Book lovers frequent the Half Price Books Store which is located near the North Park Center. At about 2:00 o’clock that Wednesday afternoon, he was informed that one customer left the store with bulging stuff inside her sweat shirt.

Stevens followed the customer identified as Lacey Jones, age 26, sitting in her red 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit. The police officer rapped on the car door and told her that he is a Dallas Officer. He was able to open the door and grabbed the woman’s hand to arrest her for shoplifting.

What Jones did was to put her car in reverse and drove backwards. Stevens was caught between the car door and frame and was expecting to be run over. Another officer warned Jones to stop her car but she shouted back at the officer to kill her.

Meanwhile Stevens was able to press down on the brakes and stop the car.

When the police looked at the audiobooks Jones tried to shoplifted; it contained J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Lord of the Ring & Hobbit, the Chronicles of Narnia and other best-sellers.

Because of these best-selling audiobooks, Jones was confined in the jail of Dallas County on charges of serious assault against a police officer and for stealing articles valued of about $1,500 plus two other previous charges. The amount of $25,500 was set for her bail.

November of last year, Recardo Trejo who was a Senior Corporal of the Dallas Police Department died after he was involved in a two-car accident while he was not on duty in the South of Texas.

At about 12:25 noon of Saturday, Trejo died on a vehicle crash in Block 200 46 West at the State Highway of Kendall County, north of San Antonio. The victim was on his way home to North Texas when his car crashed head-on with another car.  The operator of the other vehicle sustained injuries and was delivered to an area hospital. Up to this time, his condition remained unknown.

A 36-years veteran working with the Dallas Police Department, Trejo covered the southwest division.

His youngest sibling, Ruben Trejo said that his brother started working for the Department right after he was done with school. He was concurrently a school liaison officer of Woodrow Wilson High School. He was fitted for his job as he cared about the kids and always looked after their welfare. He was ready to help everybody in the community. He was fondly called Ricky by his friends.

Just recently he was talking to his friends that he has four more years of service then after retirement, he would retire in Bandera.

Bandera is in South Texas where his family owned land this was also the place where his life ended Saturday afternoon.

In South Texas, where the Trejo family owned lands and where Sr. Corporal Trejo was intending to come home that Saturday afternoon. Ruben narrated that his brother was planning to attend garage sale with his folks that afternoon. Trejo never made it home from Dallas on that black day.

Claudette Ingram-Davis, who was Trejo’s neighbor for 20 years, as well as other neighbors, was hurt and grieving while they helped console the family.

Senior Corporal Trejo is survived by two grown daughters. Ruben said that Trejo was a wonderful father who raised two beautiful daughters. Ruben ended by saying that Trejo was a good person and is now under God’s care.

Funeral arrangements are being arranged.

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