Roosevelt Boulevard is considered as the most risky area in Philadelphia as multiple accidents took place here.

Another death took place along the Boulevard when was a female driver was killed  after a car mishap.

According to Police report, at around 9:05 o’clock in the evening, a woman, age 25, was driving her Silver Civic Honda going northward along the Boulevard at Roosevelt adjacent to Adams Ave.

Investigators stated that suddenly, two other transports collided with the woman’s vehicle. Due to the force, the driver was airlifted out the car and died after admission to hospital at 9:12 o’clock in the afternoon. For the present, the deceased has not yet been identified. However, no other person was injured in the crash.

All inner lanes going north along the Boulevard were closed but they were later opened for traffic. Officials are continuing the cause of the crash.

The accident was one of two accidents happening at the Boulevard Monday night.

According to investigators, the other accident happened shortly before 10:00 o’clock in the evening when a pedestrian was hit along the Boulevard just near the Hunting Park in the Road of Old York. The driver of the vehicle then fled the scene. The Police stated that the victim who remains unidentified has sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

As police were investigating the alleged hit-and-run on Roosevelt Boulevard; that same night, a second woman was the victim in another separate incident.

Police reported that a pedestrian was run over at about 10:00 in the evening at the Boulevard near Old York Road in Hunting Park. The errant car then fled the scene.

Fortunately, the victim sustained non-life threatening 9injuries and was delivered to Einstein Hospital.

The month of July marked two separate accidents happening in the Boulevard when a woman with three of her four small children was fatally struck by a hit-and-run driver. The other accident left an 11-year-old girl in life-threatening severe condition. It was a tragic incident that killed a woman from Philadelphia and her three young children. Mother and children were killed when they were hit by a driver on Roosevelt Boulevard. They have already been laid to rest but accidents continue to occur in this area.

Another life was claimed by the Boulevard last month when an 18-year-old boy died along Block 6500 in NE side of the same area. The driver of the vehicle did not flee the scene. The young man was delivered to the Hospital at Torresdale in critical condition and concurrently fighting for his life.

To minimize accidents and discouraged over speeding, DOT installed red light cameras but it did not reduce the number of accidents. National attention has once again been raised to the issue of pedestrian and driver safety along the 12-lane highway. Today this particular route is considered as one of the most  dangerous roads in philadelphia.

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