On Thursday afternoon, a car collided with a DART train at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and S. Trunk Avenue which is just one block south of the MLK Station.

According to the report from the DART police, witnesses told them that the operator of the vehicle was  driving erratically when he drove through the crossing arms and right into the train.

DART reported that the driver collided with the rear of the lead railcar, between the two railcars.

The Dart police apprehended the driver and they discovered that he was carrying some drugs. The erring driver was turned over to the police and they know that one of the charges will be for drug possession.

One passenger in the car was injured and transported to an area hospital. Her condition is not yet known. Also that one person from the train was hospitalized and the condition is still unknown.

More than a week ago, a 16-year-old freshman from Shepton High School was hit by a car after getting off of a school bus Friday afternoon.

The student was a freshman at the Shepton High School. He was immediately transported to the hospital but is expected to recover soon.

Plano police said that the bus stopped on Windhaven Parkway east of Midway Road to let some students who live in the neighborhood off the bus. The student also got off the bus but he walked in front of it to cross Windhaven Parkway.

Unseen by the driver of a black Lexus as there was no bus’s stop sign and flashing lights, he was hit by the car which sent him flying over the front of the car and smashing the windshield

The right procedure was before the school bus opens its doors to let students out, the stop sign on the side of the bus must be extended and the red flashing lights must be on.

After the investigation, police will determine if any charges will be filed

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