NEWARK, Del. – Rebecca Eldreth’s mother, Maria, was critically injured by a hit-and-run driver while she was walking to work Monday morning. Rebecca cannot imagine how a driver could be so careless about the lives of others.

Maria, 52, was on her way to work at a medical packing company with a friend when a black SUV with Maryland plates struck her and 67-year-old Judith Johnson of Newark from behind. According to the police, the driver did not stop but kept on going. The two women came from the bus stop near Corporate Boulevard and Lake Drive and like so many times before – they were on their way to work. Although they were a bit early, they were following the same route towards work.

They were both hit by a careless driver. Judith had only minor injuries and spent much of the day at Christiana Hospital. However, Maria is now on life support as she lost her normal functions to move and breath. She can’t even open her eyes. She is alive because of the machines., said Rebecca.

All of Maria’s family is in Spain; only the 27-year-old daughter is here. Now she has to make difficult choices for her mom. Rebecca said her mom was not just her mother but her best friend. But even so, she has found the strength that’s coming from her mother. Maria has always been a lively, loving and lovely person. She will always be remembered as the kind of person she was.

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