According to Philadelphia Police, the hit-and-run suspect arrested in connection with the fatal accident which occurred in the Spring Garden Bridge was already charged of DUI about 2 months ago and awaiting trial.

Carl Frederock, alias Carl Bunch has now two DUI charges but this time, he is also facing a homicide by vehicle case and another charge for a hit-and-run violation.

This 30-year-old male West Philadelphian was already charged of DUI, and that early morning of Wednesday was facing another for operating a vehicle under the influence and causing a fatal hit-and-run crash just a day earlier.

The police reported that 52 year-old Lee, a resident of 700 N 37th Street, was in the car with her husband on the wheel when Frederock’s car collided with them. Lee sustained critical injuries and was rushed to the hospital; however, she expired 30 minutes after admission. Her husband was also hurt but his injuries were non-life threatening.

The police said, Frederock panicked and fled the wreckage on foot but was eventually apprehended at the corner of Lancaster and 35th Streets.

Based on court records, Frederock will be receiving multiple charges of homicide: classified as : homicide by vehicle, homicide by vehicle while under the influence, not having a proper license, involuntary manslaughter and DUI. He is also facing a case of simple assault and reckless endangerment charges.

Back in August, Frederock, resident of Block 800 – N 66th Street, was already under arrest on DUI charges. He was released on bail from that earlier case and was supposed to go to trial later this month.

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