Car accidents are parts and parcels of living in the modern world. Anybody can be a victim or perpetrator; whether a person of authority or just an average pedestrian; and whether the injury is fatal or non-life threatening. There is no immunity; so you might as well grin and bear it!

While directing traffic in an Atlanta high school in the suburbs, a police resource officer of the school was hit by a vehicle which landed him in the local hospital for treatment.

Cpl. Edwin Ritter of the Gwinnett police reported that at 7:00 o’clock that morning, a police resource officer who was managing traffic at Buford’s Lanier High School was struck by a vehicle.

According to Ritter, the officer sustained critical injuries and was immediately transported to an area hospital.

Spokesperson, Sloan Roach of the Gwinnett schools was able to identify the injured officer as Rolando Jimenez who has been a part of the police school system since 2001.

Meanwhile, the driver of the errant vehicle will be spending a day in court explaining charges for hitting a police officer.

After the area was cleared and preliminary6 investigation conducted; motorists were relieved when traffic was flowing normally again in the northbound Interstate 75 at the northern part of the Bridge Road of Hudson.

Earlier the same Wednesday morning, there was another accident involving a car and bus which blocked two lanes. The wreck delayed traffic as both lanes were closed until the area was cleared. There was no report of any injury.

At least four people died last Wednesday which resulted to a 27-vehicle pile-up due to foggy roads. The designated area of the crash was the foggy Georgia interstate highway that was linking Atlanta and Savannah.

According to the Public Safety Department of Georgia, the mishap started when a tanker truck ruptured and caught fire. Authorities closed 1-16 in both directions for about a range of 30 miles SE of Macon.

Four people were confirmed dead while nine others were injured in a pile-up of 27 vehicles on that area. Police said that as many as 10 separate crashes followed the wreck.
It happened that as other vehicles came near to the crash, it cannot be stopped abruptly which caused a chain reaction involving around 27 vehicles, said State Trooper officer.

News reporter Joseph White Jr., said that he saw the fuel tanker plowing an 18-wheeler which immediately erupted. The 45-years old reporter said that he saw pieces of the tanker flying all over the scene and the heat was so intense. He felt that he was in the midst of a battle field in Iraq.

Four people died on the scene as the 27-vehicle pile-up continued amidst the foggy interstate highway. The mishap was followed by the closure of the highway linking Atlanta and Savannah.

Investigation of the crash, the fire and the fatalities are ongoing.

The third accident for that day happened in Smyrna late in the afternoon which involved the death of driver, age 57, due to a single-vehicle crash.

The fatality was identified as Nelson Villavicencio, resident of Austell whom the police suspected of experiencing some type of medical disorder prior to the mishap. This suspicion will be cleared after the Medical Examiner’s Office of Cobb County conducts the autopsy.

Cobb police reported that Villavicencio was operating a white Hyundai 2001Elantra going west along the Connector of East-West. For unknown reason, he veered off the road, continued running towards the grass shoulder at the right, hitting a couple of trees along the way and stopped past intersection of Fontaine Road. He was rushed to the WellStar Hospital of Cobb and died a few minutes after admission.

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