Like other thriving cities in the United States, Alabama has its own share of car accidents. Here are a few included in the roster of deaths, crashes and injuries for the first month of the year.
A man from Montevallo died Saturday afternoon in the vicinity of Alabaster from a two-crash car, as reported by Alabama State Troopers.
The fatality was identified as Richard Eugene Allen, 55 years from Montevallo; He was driving a 1999 Saturn when he has a head-on collision with a Chevrolet 2013 Tahoe operated by Edward Mitchell Poole, age 52 and resident of Alabaster.
According to TV report, the accident occurred at 2:40 o’clock Saturday afternoon at 17 County Road just north of Montevallo.
The police confirmed that Allen died at the scene due to critical injuries while Poole, driver of the Tahoe was not harmed at all. The passenger in the vehicle of Allen was transported to a local Hospital.
Investigation of the crash is ongoing.
Troopers reported that an operator was driving so fast at 8:00 o’clock that Tuesday morning that she lost control of her vehicle at Ledge Road in Alabama. The driver was going over the speed limit that was inappropriate at anytime, more so at 8:00 Tuesday morning. She apparently could no longer control the Chevy that she crashed on Alabama’s Ledge Road. She sustained minor injuries.
The operator of the vehicle was identified as 20-year-old Jessica Metzler, resident of Portland who was issued a citation for over speeding and careless driving.
Metzler was going southward driving a Chevy 2010 Sedan along Reuben Road when for unknown reason; she lost control of the vehicle she borrowed from Lauren Reinhardt, of Farmington. She ran off the left shoulder of Ledge Road, returned into the roadway, and drove off again at the south shoulder, returned onto the roadway and back into Ledge Road. Finally, the vehicle exited to the north shoulder while hitting a sign post and ended slamming against a rock.
Despite that hard bumpy ride, she only suffered a minor injury and did not require transportation to a hospital.
Deputy Tim Wescott conducted the investigation.
Birmingham Police were investigating several incidents that were traffic-related. The first incident took place at 3:00 Thursday morning near the corner of Eton and Holland. Police responded to a call and at the scene of the accident, they saw that a car has skid off the road and hit a tree.
Police apprehended a 24-year-old male driver who came from Birmingham. Later on, they learned that the man had consumed Xanax and alcohol above the legal limit. The man was arrested and required to report to court.
The second incident happened the next night, around 1:00 in the morning of Friday. The Police responded to a report about a suspicious – looking vehicle that was spinning its tires just at the intersection of Brown and Southfield. They found a Franklin man, 53 years-old with a BAC double the legal limit.
Police reported that the front right tire of the man’s vehicle was almost completely separated from its axle while two of the tires of nearby vehicles were also destroyed. He was arrested and required to report to court.
Finally, officers saw that a car was driving erratically near Maple and Woodward around 2 o’clock that Sunday morning. The driver was a 47-year-old woman from Franklin and test resulted that her BAC was double the legal limit. The woman was kept at the Birmingham Police Department on a $100 bond until she became sober.
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