March 05, 2013

At least one young man of 22 years who was riding his motorcycle died Tuesday following a deadly hit-and-run mishap. According to NOPD spokesperson, Frank Robertson III, the motor rider collided with an 18-wheeler vehicle at High Rise Bridge’s Interstate 10.  Officials decided to close the interstate to avoid a traffic jam. Traffic was diverted to Louisa Street for two hours and twenty-five minutes while they conducted preliminary investigation and cleared the area.

Eyewitnesses reported to the investigators that the motorcyclist was traveling on top speed towards the far left lane going upward to the slope of the High Rise. At about 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon, for unknown reasons or due to his speed, he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into an 18-wheeler in the middle lane. Robertson added that the rider was ejected from thrown his bike and died on the scene. Pending notification of close relatives, the name of the fatality has been withheld.

Robertson related that the 18-wheeler had a flat bed which continued moving even after the wreck. Police were not given any other description of the truck.

Witnesses at the scene saw a red broken motorcycle leaning against the barrier on the right-hand side of the roadway. There was debris from the motorcycle scattered all over the area.

The motorcyclist’s body was dressed in black leather clothing and was laying at a distance of nearly 50 feet away from the motorcycle down the High Rise. NOPD had to close the bridge which was opened only after 4:35 o’clock in the afternoon. The traffic jam was terrible as the congestion reached as far back as 1-10 at Esplanade Avenue and 1-160 exits at St. Bernard Avenue.

Robertson said that a BAC test has been performed but they are just waiting for the result so they will have evidence that the accident was alcohol- or drug-related.

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