February 24, 2013

Police stated that they are looking at a fatal accident involving a pedestrian that happened at the Wissinoming area of Philadelphia that morning of Sunday. It was a tragic event that caused the death of one person and left another victim in critical condition.

At around 11:00 o’clock in the morning, the police responded to a call of a mishap that occurred  at the corner of Comly Street and Frankford Avenue in Wissinoming Park.

Police identified the fatality as 58-year-old Teresa Marquand who was strolling at the sidewalk with her husband when a drunken driver lost control of his minivan plowed the sidewalk and hit the woman.

Captain John Wilczynski of the Philadelphia Police Department said that the couple were just walking at the pavement when the car swerved towards the sidewalk and hit the woman.

The green minivan Pontiac continued running until it finally stopped on the sidewalk of Wissinoming Park. It was clearly damaged with the front end crushed and the driver’s side door was awry. Police closed the streets during the preliminary investigation.

.Investigators confirmed that the driver of the SUV was DWI. As he was running along south Frankford Avenue, he swerved his vehicle northward straight to the sidewalk. The car struck the woman who was critically injured and immediately transported to the University Hospital of Hahnemann. Due to severe head trauma, she expired shortly after admittance.

Wilczynski said that he felt sorry that the woman was killed but glad that the man was unharmed; however, it was a traumatic experience for the husband to see his wife killed in such a brutal fashion.

The neighbors said that Teresa was often cleaning the road and the sidewalk of Gillespie Street with her husband. They mentioned that the couple was friendly but quiet.

Neighbor Janet Zarisky said that the neighborhood was shocked that Teresa who was solicitous of the cleanliness of the neighborhood and minding her own business will die in such a painful manner.

Police added that the operator of the minivan was also transported to the University Hospital serious injuries sustained in the crash. But it is very likely that once release from the hospital he will be charged with DWI and other violations.

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