CLAYMONT, Del. – Another Claymont-Delaware school bus accident happened which were immediately responded to by the police and firefighters this morning of Wednesday.

The incident took place at around 8:15 o’clock at the intersection of Chapel Avenue on Governor Printz Boulevard.

According to the authorities, school bus driver appeared to have fallen asleep while operating the vehicle with more than a dozen high school students on board. She fell asleep and hit at least seven cars parked on the sidewalk before waking up and taking control of the wheels.

Luckily, not one of board suffered any physical injuries. The bus company identified the drowsy driver as 50 years old Jennifer Little who was a resident of West Chester. She has worked for the company for more than 20 decades and was a model-employee.

The police are giving her a test to find if she is under drugs or booze is contained in her system. These tests are standard procedures every time an accident such as this happens. A charge of inattentive driving has been filed against her.

She also hit seven vehicles that were parked  along the Governor Printz Boulevard that was the space reserved in case of an traffic overflow from DART’s nearby train station.

Corporal John Day of the Delaware State Police said that the damage of the vehicles hit along the road was to such an extent that they had to be towed away.

The owners of the vehicles took the commuter train to the city while the state police contacted them the rest of the day.

The 13 students alighted from the erring bus and walked the final four blocks to their school in Archmere Academy.

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