Two people were seriously injured in a vehicle crash outside Austin City Hall on early Sunday morning, January 8, 2012.  It was not specified if these two people involved the driver of the pickup truck.  With the Occupy Austin demonstration going on in celebration of their three month anniversary, there were a number of people standing in the City Hall grounds.  While making a big commotion themselves for fulfilling their mission of standing in solidarity with their brothers and sister in Occupy around the world, the incident caused an even bigger commotion.  All of a sudden, a pickup truck came driving into the grove and hit a tree outside City Hall.

Police said that the driver of the pickup truck was heading north on South 1st Street.  He didn’t make the curve for some reason and so ended up driving his vehicle into the grove.  As a result of this, there were two people who were taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries.  The authorities did not identify any of the people involved in the accident.  Neither did they mention if the injured people were part of the Occupy Austin demonstration.  Many of the bystanders and the Occupy Austin demonstrators were asking what caused the accident.  There was no word given about the factors of the crash such as alcohol, speeding or both.

In making an assessment of the property damage from the accident, it was found to be huge.  It involved mainly damage to the pickup truck that rammed into a tree on City Hall grounds as well as destruction to a part of the grove the truck drove into.  There were no other reports of accidents involving vehicles in the Occupy Austin demonstration in City Hall.   Nothing further was said about the condition of the truck driver and of the other individual who were injured in the incident.

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