An Orange County deputy, 28-year old Malinda Miller, that was responding to a call, without lights or sirens, T-boned a Buick driven by 91-year old Edward Soistman as he turned onto Magnolia Homes Road from Calloway Drive, just few feet away from his home on early Tuesday morning.

Soistman, a lay pastor for St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, was on his way to help a parishioner for an upcoming surgery at Florida Hospital.

Soistman got out of his driveway at around 5:30 am, stopped at a stop sign and made a left turn. Miller on the other hand was heading northbound on Magnolia Homes Road just about the same time Soistman attempted to make a left turn to Magnolia Homes Road, directly in the path of Miller. The patrol car had T-boned Soistman’s car on the driver’s side of the Buick.

Residents say it’s difficult to see around that particular corner.

Soistman, who live with his sons, perished on Tuesday morning at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Deputy Miller was brought o the hospital for the treatment of her minor injuries.

It was a sad day at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church at Winter Park where Soistman work for the past 35 years.

Pastor Reverend Pete Zieg described Soistman in a word ‘grace.’ He said that Soistman, or also known as ‘Fast Eddie’, had the ability to visit many people as possible in the hospital where he would have prayer, read scripture and then be on his way.

Soistman had loved Walt Disney World, Orlando Magic but most of all, his family and church family and the church members loved him back.

Soistman died on the exact date of his baptism and after celebrating his 91st birthday two weeks ago.

Zieg said that Soistman’s passing left a large empty space for he was able to minister a lot of people all the time.

WFTV reporter Kathi Belich questioned Florida Highway Patrol whether Miller was over speeding because the speed limit on Magnolia Homes Road is at 40mph but the FHP had said it may not matter since Miller had no stop sign and had the right of way at the time of accident.

Deputy Miller is at home from the hospital recovering and will be back to work once well while investigation still continues, according to the sheriff’s office.

Another possible contributory factor may have been Soistman’s age which affected his senses, according to highway patrol.

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