It was deplorable to know that a driver of about 17 years, who didn’t have even a valid driver’s license, was responsible for his own death and four of his friends from Irv on one-vehicle accident on Memorial Day.

Motor Vehicles Department of the states are hoping to get more information at sometime in the near future about the status of license on a teenager’s driver who was operating the wheel that led to a fatal Newport Beach wreck that resulted to the death of the driver and his four passengers all teeners like him.

According to DMV, they are going to audit the application for driver’s license that was filed by the late Abdulrahman Alyahyan, age 17, who was resident of Irvine. Authorities discovered that he did not have even a learner’s permit when his Infiniti sedan crashed Jamboree Road on the 27th of May.

More than month before the accident, Alyahyan was already cited April for failure to follow the terms of a provisional license. Those violations included illegally modifying his car by making changes not allowed to the exhaust system of his gray car which was a 2008 Infiniti and installing tinted windows that blocked the driver’s view.

DMV spokesperson, Armando Botello said that the department is following the trail of his application after he first came in to apply.

Police stated that it was on Memorial Day when Alyahyan was traveling south, probably with a speed of about 100 mph, in an Infiniti on Jamboree Road. As he was approaching Island Lagoon Drive, for unknown reasons, the car swerved and was out of control. It crashed into a tree that cut the vehicle into two as it caught fire.

Aside from the driver, Abdulrahman, the accident also killed two sisters. Robin’s claimed sisters were Robin A. Cabrera, age 17, & a12th-grader, and Aurora Cabrera, age 16, & a 10th-grader; and Nozad Al Hamawendi, age 17 & 11th-grader and Cecilia D. Zamora, age 17 & also 11th grader. Except for the driver, they were all attending Irvine High.

When the fire fighters looked at the wrecked vehicle, they thought there were two as the Infiniti was so fragmented as it was split into two.

According to autopsy results released last Thursday, the five victims were all dead as a result of traumatic injuries.

Officials following the trail of the crash said that the mishap on Jamboree Rd. was so violent that four of the passengers were ejected out of the vehicle and onto the road.

The fatalities underwent autopsy as a matter of procedure but the result of the toxicology tests won’t be available for several weeks.

Friends said that the five were headed to the beach to celebrate the holiday and that a sixth student was to have joined them but chose not to go at the last minute.

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Source: LA Times Com